Your Legal Responsibilities If You’re In A Car Or Motorcycle Accident Causing Personal Injuries Or Wrongful Death

Under Iowa law you have several legal obligations following a motorcycle crash or car accident.  But not many people are familiar with those obligations.  Here’s a summary of Iowa law on this topic.
First, the law differs depending on the nature of the accident.  The greatest legal responsibility is imposed for accidents in which someone has been injured or killed.  After a serious accident, Iowa law requires you to:
1.  Immediately stop.
2.  Avoid blocking traffic.
3.  Give your name, address, and vehicle registration number.
4.  If requested, show the other driver your driver’s license.

5.  Reasonable help an injured person.

6.  Transport or arrange for transportation of an injured person to a hospital if necessary or requested.
7.  If someone has died at the accident scene, remain there except to seek necessary aid or report the accident to law enforcement and then either return to the accident or inform law enforcement where you can be located.
8. If the accident did not cause injuries or death, tell law enforcement about the accident as soon as possible.

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