Your Rights To Unemployment Benefits If You Voluntarily Quit

Getting unemployment benefits after you voluntarily terminate your employment can be difficult.  Many people who voluntarily quit will not be entitled to unemployment benefits.  You will only receive unemployment benefits after you quit if you quit “for good cause attributable to the employer.”

The key words in that rule are “good cause” and “attributable to the employer.”  Let’s take them in reverse.  Both conditions have to be met in order to receive unemployment benefits after a voluntary quit.

“Attributable to the employer” means what it says.  Something about your employment or your employer must cause you to quit or you don’t get unemployment benefits.  Employees are usually free to quit anytime they want, but unemployment benefits will be denied unless the reason for quitting is connected to the employer.

“Good cause” means that you have to have a good reason for quitting.  You cannot quit because the employee in the cubicle next to you refuses to remove his Minnesota Vikings pennant and expect to receive unemployment benefits.  And what an employee thinks is good cause for quitting may not be determined to be good cause by Iowa Workforce Development when the unemployment benefits claims is reviewed, so think carefully about why you’re quitting before doing so, unless unemployment benefits aren’t important to you.

Many voluntary quit unemployment benefit cases end in favor of the employer because the employee either could not prove good cause for quitting or could not tie that cause into the employer.   Unemployment benefit cases require legal analysis of state statutes, Iowa Workforce Development regulations, and court decisions.  I can help you with any employment law or labor law questions that you might have.  Please feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation about employment law or labor law.


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