Defective Hip Implant Products

The Food and Drug Administration is calling on hip implant manufacturers, including Johnson & Johnson, to study the incidents of metal poisoning, including cobalt and chromium poisoning, in patients who have been implanted with hip devices. The agency’s concerns came after a number of incidents reported from around the country, involving metal ions from these devices leeching into the bloodstream and causing illnesses.

The Food and Drug Administration’s most recent action indicates that the agency is now taking more seriously the concerns from the use of these devices. Hip implant devices have been under scrutiny over the past few years, as these devices have become increasingly linked to a number of complications, including failure of the device and revision surgeries  In some cases, doctors who operated on these patients found large masses of dead tissue around the site of the implant. The high failure rate of these devices has been just one of the several complications associated with their use.

Metal poisoning of the blood has been another serious issue. In some cases, metal ions from the implants have leached into the bloodstream of the patient. These metal ions include cobalt and chromium, and the presence of these ions has led to a number of complications, including those affecting the thyroid gland and the nervous system.

The Food and Drug Administration says that it doesn’t have enough information to indicate what level of metal ions in the blood could cause serious health effects.   However, the agency does mention on its website that in some cases, this kind of metal poisoning has been linked to cardiac, nervous system, or thyroid gland disorders.  This is why the agency wants hip implant manufacturers to study the link between the hip implants, and the levels of metal ions in the blood reported by patients.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a personal injury or wrongful death or products liability matter because of a hip implant.  I’ll be happy to see if I can give you a hand.


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