Tire Defects And Failures

Tires are the primary contact between our vehicles and the road. In order for tires to have optimal performance, certain tires should be used on specific vehicles and should be inflated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When a tire is defective, innocent people can get seriously injured or killed. Often when a tire blows out, vehicles roll over or lose control and spin out causing a crash.

Most of us have heard of the major tire recall in 2000 by Bridgestone Firestone that affected Ford Explorers. Sadly, officials have estimated that there were approximately 3,000 injuries and 250 fatalities associated with these defective tires. In this situation, the tread peeled off certain tires causing the Explorer to roll over and crush the occupants in the SUV.

As this recall received a good amount of attention, more and more lawsuits were brought against the manufacturer and many regulatory groups and government safety organizations started conducting investigations that have remained ongoing. One such group that continues to post monthly recall reports on defective tires is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  NHTSA is a good source of information regarding current tire recalls.

Tire defects continue to be a problem. When tires fail, traffic accidents are very likely to occur and serious injuries or fatalities can occur as a result. If you or someone you love has been injured in an Iowa car crash and you believe it was due to defective tires, contact a products liability lawyer today.


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