AFSCME and The State of Iowa Reach Agreement

AFSCME and the state of Iowa recently agreed to a deal that will save the state from about 500 layoffs.  The union vote was 59% in favor to 41% opposed with a turnout of 66%.  The deal required that 20,000 state workers take five furlough days in the next seven months and give up $75 a month in state contributions to a supplemental retirement plan. 

Unions generally exist to equalize the balance of power in negotiations between employers and employees.  Without unions and collective bargaining, many argue that the employer would have too much power in negotiations and employees would have a difficult time negotiating in their own favor.  However, some people feel that today, unions have become too powerful and can be harmful to business. 

By most accounts, in this case the AFSCME union and the state of Iowa worked together to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, and the relationship worked as it should. 

In fact, there is an entire area of law devoted to the negotiation process called labor law.  Labor law can deal with contract of employment itself, but it can also deal with much more.  If you feel that you have been wronged because of a violation of labor law or employment law, call Erbe Law Firm for a free in-person consultation.


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