You’re In Bad (Faith) Hands — Illegal Insurance Claims Practices

Health, property, casualty, fire, flood, automobile, truck, workers’ compensation, disability, and life insurers deny claims all the time for various reasons.  If you believe that the claim denial was wrong, you may have two possible claims.

One claim is for breach of contract.  An insurance policy is a contractual agreement enforceable like any other contract.  If you pay your premiums and comply with your obligations under your insurance policy, any claim you present within the coverage terms of the policy should be honored.   If your claim is denied, at a minimum you have a breach of contract claim against your insurer.

In some circumstances of especially egregious behavior by an insurer, you may have a claim for insurance bad faith.  That occurs when an insurer denies a claim without a reasonable basis for the denial and essentially commits an intentional breach of its insurance contract with you.  If you can prove insurance bad faith, you not only can recover the value of the claim but possibly also punitive damages.

Please contact Erbe Law Firm for a free in-person consultation if you believe that your insurance company has wrongfully denied your insurance claim.


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