Building, Home, Construction Defects

You may have legal claims against a builder, contractor, or subcontractor if you have building, construction, water, roofing, mold, moisture, foundation, framing, insulation, heating, cooling, concrete, sidewalk, or driveway issues or problems with your home.   You do not need an express warranty or written warranty to make a claim or file suit against your builder, contractor, or subcontractor.  Iowa law also allows you to sue based on an implied warranty or possibly even negligence even if you do not have a written warranty or the warranty has expired.

Additionally, in the 2008 Iowa Supreme Court case of Speight v. Walters Development Company, Erbe Law Firm successfully argued that the protections against poor or defective construction should be extended to all owners of a home, not just the original purchasers.  So even if you are not the first owner of your home, you can still make a claim against any builder, contractor, or subcontractor that worked on the house at any time.

Please contact Erbe Law Firm to schedule a free in-person consultation if you believe that you have a construction defect claim involving a builder, contractor, or subcontractor.


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