Common Employer Mistakes: Maternity And Pregnancy Leave

Employers commonly and mistakenly assume that only the Family and Medical Leave Act covers maternity leave and other leave for pregnancy issues.  If you are not protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act, your employer may conclude that you are not entitled to the maternity or pregnancy-related leave and fire you if you take it.  It is illegal for employers to do so.

Various state and federal laws provide special protection for pregnant women.  Those laws give you rights to pregnancy leave even if you do not qualify for Family and Medical Leave Act protection.  You should speak to an attorney if your employer is contesting the amount of pregnancy leave that you have requested, is outright refusing to allow any pregnancy leave, or allows the leave but returns you to a different position or a position with lower pay or less benefits.

Iowa and federal law requires that employers pay the attorney fees and litigation expenses of employees who successfully sue for a violation of Iowa and federal pregnancy leave laws.  Because there are many issues that need to be reviewed and analyzed in pregnancy leave matters, you should contact an attorney if you believe that your employer violated Iowa or federal pregnancy leave laws.  


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