How A Lawyer Can Help You With Your Personal Injury Case

An attorney’s presence on your behalf, by itself, can help you with your personal injury or wrongful death case, including motorcycle and car and truck accidents.  That is because insurance companies, unfortunately, rather than individually evaluating each case, use formulaic processes in arriving at what they believe is a fair settlement.  One of the factors that is “plugged into” the formula is whether you have a lawyer and, correspondingly, whether there is a legitimate threat of litigation if the case does not settle.  The insurance company may upgrade its valuation of your case simply because you have a lawyer.

An attorney can also help with your personal injury case by ensuring that all of your possible items of damage are covered by a settlement.  Attorneys know what questions to ask and areas to review with your doctors, which is often more important than what your medical records have to say.

It is also helpful to have an attorney’s guidance on what has happened in other cases with similar injuries to yours.  Although each case is unique and needs to be separately analyzed, broad generalizations can be made about the fair settlement, for example, of a whiplash case as compared to a broken shoulder.


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